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MS Study Skills

Study Skills courses prepare students for success in middle school. Course topics may vary according to the students involved, but typically include reading improvement skills, such as scanning, note-taking, and outlining; library and research skills; listening and note-taking; vocabulary skills; and test-taking skills. The courses may also include exercises designed to generate organized, logical thinking and writing.

MS Lifetime Fitness Education

Lifetime Fitness Education courses emphasize acquiring knowledge and skills regarding lifetime physical fitness; content may include topics such as nutrition, stress management, and consumer issues. Students may develop and implement a personal fitness plan.

MS Video Game Design

Students learn how to design, write, and test software using object-oriented software development environments. Students are introduced to the concept of humane game design and explore how computer programs and games can be used to communicate values, ideas, and thoughts. Students explore the idea of game and how this transfers to computers. Students learn how to convert their ideas into visual, audio, more »

MS Music Songwriting

The Songwriting course prepares students to express themselves through creating music and is an introduction to basic songwriting. This course will use conventional and nonconventional notation and will include lyric and melody writing. Students will use online music software for creating their own songs. Professionally written songs and students’ songs will be analyzed in class.

Career Explorations

Career Exploration courses help students identify and evaluate personal goals, priorities, aptitudes, and interests, with the goal of helping them make informed decisions about their careers. These courses expose students to various sources of information on career and training options and may also assist them in developing job search and employability skills.

MS Recreation Sports

This course provides the students the knowledge, experience, and opportunity to develop skills in more than one recreational sport or outdoor pursuit (such as adventure activities, croquet, Frisbee, wall climbing, bocce ball, fishing, hiking, cycling, and so on).

MS Art

Art courses provide to students activities that foster creative expression, communication through artistic endeavor, and appreciation of culture and heritage. The art making and application learning plan may include lessons that enable students to refine their technique, increase their artistic vocabulary, express themselves and their world view, make connections to other content areas, develop their own aesthetic, and strengthen their critical abilities. more »

MS Web Page Design

Web Page Design courses teach students how to design websites by introducing them to and refining their knowledge of site planning, page layout, graphic design, and the use of markup languages—such as Extensible Hypertext Markup, JavaScript, Dynamic HTML, and Document Object Model—to develop and maintain a web page. These courses may also cover security and privacy issues, copyright infringement, trademarks, and other legal issues relating more »